Our Mission

To improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients through the use of high-quality, technically advanced radiation therapy integrated into multidisciplinary care management.

Increase Quality and Patient Satisfaction

Personal Rights and Responsibilites

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity.
  • Have respectful care given to you by competent personnel with consideration of your privacy concerning your medical care.
  • Be provided with medical and nursing services without discrimination based upon age, race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, disability, or source of payment.
  • Have access to an interpreter whenever possible.

We will need you to:

  • Be cooperative with staff during examinations and procedures including answering in full any questions regarding your medical history put to you by a member of the clinical team.
  • Be respectful of UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre staff and other patients attending the department.
  • Be respectful of the no smoking and hand hygiene signs and other posters and instructions displayed in the department.

Information about your treatment

You have the right to:

  • Receive information regarding ‘continuity of care.’
  • Full information in layman’s terms concerning appropriate and timely diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures; if it is not medically advisable to provide this information to you, the information shall be given to the responsible person on your behalf.

Your Treatment

We will need you to:

  • Give an informed consent to the medical practitioner prior to the start of a procedure.
  • Be compliant with instructions regarding your care during your radiotherapy treatment.

You have the right to:

  • Good quality care that is continually maintained and reviewed.
  • Receive appropriate and timely referrals and consultation.
  • An increased likelihood of realistic desired health outcomes.
  • Receive a second opinion concerning the proposed procedure, if requested.
  • Appropriate specialty consultative services made available by prior arrangement.
  • Participate in your own healthcare decisions except if this is contraindicated due to medical reasons.
  • Appropriate assessment and management of pain.
  • Absence of clinically unnecessary diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
  • Treatment that is consistent with clinical impression or working diagnosis.
  • Refuse drugs or procedures and have a medical practitioner explain the medical consequences of the drugs or procedures.
  • Receive appropriate and timely follow-up information of abnormal findings and tests.

Accessibility of the Services

You have the right to:

  • Accessible and available health services; information on after-hour and emergency care.
  • Expedient and professional transfer to another facility when medically necessary and to have the responsible person and the facility that the patient is transferred to notified prior to transfer.

Clinical Trials

You have the right to be advised of participation in any medical care research programme by consenting prior to participation in such a programme; a patient may also refuse to continue in a programme that has previously given informed consent to participate in.

Medical Records

You have the right to:

  • Have records pertaining to your medical care treated as confidential.
  • Be provided with, upon request, access to information contained in your medical record.
  • Receive information related to the Data Protection Act (1998) which provides an explanation of how your protected health information is utilised and to those that may need to receive it.

What to Expect of UPMC

  • That health services provided are consistent with current professional knowledge.
  • That you will be given the name of your consultant, the names of all other doctors directly assisting in your care, and the names and functions of other health care persons having direct contact with you.
  • That professional staff abides by their codes of conduct and other guidance related to care, patient protection and developing a positive practitioner/client relationship.
  • That accurate information regarding the competence and capabilities of the organization, its employees, and medical staff.
  • That you can receive information regarding methods of expressing suggestions or grievances to the organization and assistance in using the complaints procedure if sought.
  • That emergency procedures will be implemented without unnecessary delay.

If you have any queries or concerns or wish to find out more information about your Rights and Responsibilities as a patient, please speak to any member of staff at UPMC Hillman.

Commitment to Quality

UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre is recognised by independent organisations as a quality healthcare provider focused on quality improvement and patient safety. We strive to improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients, through the use of high quality, technically advanced radiation therapy integrated into multi-disciplinary care management. To this aim, we work to transform the delivery of healthcare from a process which generates data to a process which utilises information to achieve better clinical and organisational performance outcomes. We have positioned ourselves as the preferred healthcare provider within the community we serve. Our services are provided by dedicated, competent, and talented people focused on continuous improvement, education and research, and service excellence.

Multidisciplinary Teams

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre engages in a continuous quality improvement cycle. Integral to this is a peer review process at every step of the planning, implementation, and delivery of a course of treatment. Members from each discipline within UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre engage in this process to give a holistic perspective of the patient and his or her needs.

Clinical Governance

UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre strives to consolidate all quality efforts within the centre by having a Clinical Governance Board which oversees the activities of the individual committees and departments within the Cancer Centre. Within this forum, we monitor our own practices and outcomes to help us achieve our goal of improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients, through the use of high quality, technically advanced radiation therapy integrated into multi-disciplinary care management.

As part of the UPMC CancerCenter network, UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre is able to contribute to and draw from a wider body of experience and knowledge in our particular field. This bi-directional exchange of knowledge and experience helps us enrich and develop our quality programme and contribute to the development of other centres within our network.

Patient Satisfaction

For us to continually improve the quality of the service we provide to patients, it is imperative that we offer patients the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience at UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre. To this end, all patients are given the opportunity to complete a patient satisfaction survey on completion of treatment. These surveys are anonymous and are treated in the strictest of confidence. The feedback and suggestions made by patients in this survey guide quality improvement initiatives within UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre.

In addition to our patient satisfaction survey, we welcome feedback on our service at any time. For more details, see our Compliments, Suggestions, and Complaints leaflet.

How do we measure up?

Joint Commission International

Accreditation is a process to assess healthcare organisations to determine if they meet a set of requirements or criteria designed to assure continual evaluation of their processes so as to improve the quality of care for patients. Our accrediting body is Joint Commission International (JCI), a not-for-profit subsidiary of the US organisation known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations (JCAHO). Joint Commission

Environmental Protection Agency Office of Radiological Protection

Formerly known as the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII), the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Radiological Protection is the national organisation with regulatory, monitoring and advisory responsibilities in matters pertaining to ionising radiation. In particular, it regulates to protect workers and members of the public from the harmful effects of exposure to all ionising radiation. UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre complies with all directives from this regulatory body to maintain licensure.

Medical Exposure Radiation Unit

The Medical Exposure Radiation Unit (MERU), HSE, was established to fulfil the regulatory functions assigned to the CEO, HSE in SI 478/SI 303. The unit is also the executive and advisory unit for the National Radiation Safety Committee. MERU regulates to protect patients from the harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation. UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre participates in any MERU clinical audits used to establish national guidelines for the use of ionising radiation in Ireland.

Patient Rights

Dignity, Privacy, and Confidentiality

UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre strives to ensure that your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times. At your consultation appointment, administration staff will ask to take your photo; this is so that our staff can identify you correctly. Please note that all your details are kept in the strictest of confidence.

Patient Identification

To ensure that you receive the highest standard of health care, in addition to your photo, our team will need to identify you properly before any treatment is given. Please do not be offended if it feels like we are continually asking you to confirm your date of birth— this is part of our process to ensure that all of our patients receive safe and efficient treatment and care.


If you have a complaint about any of our services, please tell us. If our performance is not up to standard or if you are unhappy, we seek to use the opportunity to learn and improve the quality of services we provide. We will take your complaint seriously and treat it in confidence. Making a complaint does not affect your rights and will not result in the loss of any service you have been assessed as needing.

If you have concerns in relation to patient safety or the quality of care within UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre, in addition to making a complaint directly to a staff member, a complaint may be made to our accreditation body, Joint Commission International (JCI). Details of reporting patient safety and quality of care concerns to JCI are available here.

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