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Our Cancer Care Team

Consultant Radiation Oncologists

Each patient has a primary consultant radiation oncologist in charge of his or her care; the consultants work closely with all other areas of the multi-disciplinary team to oversee the customised care for each individual patient.

Our consultant radiation oncologists include:

Radiation Therapists

Our team of radiation therapists are responsible for the safe and accurate delivery of every radiation treatment delivered in the Cancer Centre. They ensure that treatments are delivered exactly as prescribed by the consultants and serve as a daily contact point for patients as they go through treatment.

Radiation Oncology Nurses

Our nursing team works with the consultants and radiation therapists to take care of all patients undergoing radiation therapy. Each patient will have a primary nurse in charge of his or her care and will have scheduled visits during treatment.

Medical Physics Team

Our team of medical physicists work behind the scenes with the consultants to develop individual treatment plans designed for each patient. They also oversee quality assurance for all equipment used in the Cancer Centre, ensuring treatment units perform exactly as they should.

Administrative Team

Our administrative team works hard to maintain all patient files, schedule appointments, and coordinate all information on behalf of each individual patient that visits the Cancer Centre.

Ambulance Driver

Our ambulance driver takes care of the transportation of patients who are having radiation therapy in the Cancer Centre while staying in University Hospital Waterford.

Multidisciplinary Team

The South East region organizes multi-disciplinary team meetings, with the participation of all clinicians who take part in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer patients. The meetings take place in University Hospital Waterford and incorporate patients referred through St. Luke’s Kilkenny, South Tipperary General Hospital, and Wexford General. At these meetings, experts meet to discuss the individual care plan for each patient. Consultant radiation oncologists from UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre actively participate, ensuring that output feeds directly into the Cancer Centre and the overall continuity of care for each and every patient.