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Commitment to Quality

UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre is recognised by independent organisations as a quality healthcare provider focused on quality improvement and patient safety. We strive to improve survival and quality of life for cancer patients, through the use of high quality, technically advanced radiation therapy integrated into multi-disciplinary care management. To this aim, we work to transform the delivery of healthcare from a process which generates data to a process which utilises information to achieve better clinical and organisational performance outcomes. We have positioned ourselves as the preferred healthcare provider within the community we serve. Our services are provided by dedicated, competent, and talented people focused on continuous improvement, education and research, and service excellence.

How do we measure up?

Joint Commission International


Accreditation is a process to assess healthcare organisations to determine if they meet a set of requirements or criteria designed to assure continual evaluation of their processes so as to improve the quality of care for patients. Our accrediting body is Joint Commission International (JCI), a not-for-profit subsidiary of the US organisation known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations (JCAHO). Joint Commission International was established in 1998 with the following mission:

‘To continuously improve the safety and quality of care in the international community through the provision of education and consultation services and international accreditation’

UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre was successfully accredited with Joint Commission International for the first time in 2008 and has been successfully reaccredited in two subsequent triennial surveys in 2011 and 2014.

Environmental Protection Agency Office of Radiological Protection


Formerly known as the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII), the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Radiological Protection is the national organisation with regulatory, monitoring and advisory responsibilities in matters pertaining to ionising radiation. In particular, it regulates to protect workers and members of the public from the harmful effects of exposure to all ionising radiation. The Cancer Centre complies with all directives from this regulatory body to maintain licensure.

Medical Exposure Radiation Unit


The Medical Exposure Radiation Unit (MERU), HSE, was established to fulfil the regulatory functions assigned to the CEO, HSE in SI 478/SI 303. The unit is also the executive and advisory unit for the National Radiation Safety Committee. MERU regulates to protect patients from the harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation. UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre participates in any MERU clinical audits used to establish national guidelines for the use of ionising radiation in Ireland.