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Cancer Centre Patient Rights

Dignity, Privacy, and Confidentiality

UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre strives to ensure that your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times. At your consultation appointment, administration staff will ask to take your photo; this is so that our staff can identify you correctly. Please note that all your details are kept in the strictest of confidence.

Gowns, capes, and private changing rooms are provided during your scan and daily treatment for your privacy. As part of our holistic care approach, we respect that you may have specific cultural, religious, or faith tradition requirements. Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff if you have any special requirements.

We encourage all Diagnostic CT Patients to review the Data Protection Act and how it relates to their treatment at the following link.

Patient Identification

To ensure that you receive the highest standard of health care, in addition to your photo, our team will need to identify you properly before any treatment is given. Please do not be offended if it feels like we are continually asking you to confirm your date of birth— this is part of our process to ensure that all of our patients receive safe and efficient treatment and care.


If you have a complaint about any of our services, please tell us. If our performance is not up to standard or if you are unhappy, we seek to use the opportunity to learn and improve the quality of services we provide. We will take your complaint seriously and treat it in confidence. Making a complaint does not affect your rights and will not result in the loss of any service you have been assessed as needing.

If you have concerns in relation to patient safety or the quality of care within the Cancer Centre, in addition to making a complaint directly to the Cancer Centre, a complaint may be made to our accreditation body, Joint Commission International (JCI). Details of reporting patient safety and quality of care concerns to JCI are available here.

To see our complete patient charter, please see Our Ethos